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North Carolina Speaks Out for the Plate!

 "Let the Choose Life license plate broadcast to the country that there is a better choice."          — Hai-y Le, Secretary, Stanford Students for Life, Charlotte Area "Hero for Life" winner

"The message of the Choose Life license plate is congruent with two of the concepts at the heart of healthcare -- do no harm and improve patient outcomes. There are few things more grievous in our society today than the affront to a woman's dignity. . .through the use of abortion. Choose Life license plates are one more opportunity to both inform our neighbors and increase opportunities for help and healing." — Kristen Giesler, UNCC Students for Life, Member, National Association of Pro-Life Nurses

"As the director of a small Pregnancy Care Center in one of the poorest counties in NC, I strongly support the Choose Life license plate legislation.  Considering all of the other specialty plates which are available, I fail to understand why Choose Life should be singled out for censorship. . . . Pregnancy Care Centers across the state, who offer free assistance to anyone needing it, would benefit from this legislation." — Janet C. McPherson, Executive Director,  A Woman's Choices Pregnancy Care Center, Whiteville (Columbus County)

"North Carolina citizens are simply asking for the opportunity to purchase a license plate with a pro-life message that will provide financial resources to mothers and fathers in the midst of a difficult situation. . . . Considering the plethora of special license plates already approved by the General Assembly, including those for ‘Animal Lovers,’ ‘Harley Owners,’ ‘Save the Sea Turtles,’ ‘National Wild Turkey Federation,’ ‘Shag Dancing,’ and dozens of other interests, it is high time state lawmakers acted upon this legislation." — John Rustin, North Carolina Family Policy Council

"Today, I signed the petition in support of the Choose Life plate for North Carolina.  I fully endorse this wonderful means of showing women on a daily basis that they are supported not only in our thoughts as we display the plates, but also in over $10 million that has been raised so far in other states that goes to fund abortion alternatives.  I encourage all people that support womens' and childrens' health to sign the petition and contact their North Carolina legislature about this important free speech issue." — Matthew Harrison, M.D.

"I would like to express my support for the Choose Life license plate.  As the Director of the Hands of Hope for Life Pregnancy Resource Center, I see the tremendous need for this bill to go to the floor for a vote in the House.  If passed and when North Carolina gets the revenue from these plates being sold, it would help so many pregnancy centers across the state who are struggling in the economic crisis.  Pregnancy Centers are a lifeline for the women, girls and their babies that we see in our Centers.  Without services and resources from  us, some of our clients would not believe that they have a choice to Choose Life. Please send this Choose Life Bill to the floor for a VOTE.  Make a positive difference today!!!!"  Karen Hill, Executive Director at "Hands of Hope for Life" in Forest City, North Carolina

"Charlotte Right to Life is excited about the possibilities the Choose Life plate holds for our state.  We've long said that women with unexpected and difficult pregnancies should be given, at minimum, accurate information through the use of available, safe technology before making an abortion decision.  Proceeds from every plate sale will go to the Pregnancy Resource Centers who are working hard to expand these and related services others can not or will not provide." — Seth Dobson, Chairman